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Paradise Dog Grooming is located immediately downstairs from Gold Coast Vet Surgery. Although they are an independent business from us, we have a good association with one another, and many people will combine a visit to the vet with a bath or cut. Paradise Dog Grooming provide a full range of professional dog grooming services, and also offer simple dog washing services. You can find full details and prices on their website:
For long haired cats that get too stressed to be shaved awake, we are able to perform a full body "Lion Clip" shave under sedation, upstairs in Gold Coast Vet Surgery.

Paradise Dog Grooming

For Dog Grooming appointments, or any further information, please contact the Paradise Dog Grooming salon directly on: (07) 5526 8571. 

Gold Coast Vet Surgery stocks the full range of quality hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners made by Dermcare – an Australian and Queensland company run by a veterinary dermatologist. These include :-

Malaseb Shampoo – a renowned medicated shampoo used for skin infections caused by bacteria, fungi and/or yeasts …… typically very smelly problems. Malaseb is often prescribed for dogs with skin allergies and is also used as part of the treatment for ringworm in cats. Malaseb is well completed by the leave-in Pyohex Conditioner for protection between baths.

Pyohex Shampoo – similar to Malaseb but without the anti-fungal ingredient. Pyohex is excellent against bacterial infections, and is a bit cheaper than Malaseb. The leave-in Pyohex Conditioner is also useful for protection between baths.

Aloveen Shampoo – a wonderful hypoallergenic shampoo for dogs with itchy skin. It’s main ingredients are soothing Oatmeal and Aloe Vera. It is also completed by a leave-in Aloveen Conditioner for protection between baths.

Natural Shampoo – this is a great hypoallergenic shampoo for animals without any medical skin problems. It leaves the coast silky soft and smelling cuddly fresh. It is also safe and suitable for use on other smaller pets such as Rats and Guinea Pigs!